December 9. 2016

Sharing your Passion

This last week with the new competitors and friends that have started their prep or their own fitness journey, I have made a big point for myself to reach out to everyone and welcome them or remind them that they have a team that they can rely on. Say something nice to encourage everyone to stay positive and put in work. We all know what it's like to have a bad attitude and be scared, it holds us back. So besides having just a coach, when you join our team, competitor or not; you are joining a family that is there for you every step of the way. I distinctly remember the encouraging words that others sent to me during my prep, and it made me so happy. It also helped me believe in myself.

The other day I told my coach, off season is so much harder than prep. For me it is. During prep, you are seeing the changes. Verses now I'm bigger than I thought I would get and it makes me insecure. You think "Should I eat my food?... I'm already a tank" and that's how I feel... like a tank. If you guys read my previous blogs when I was in the middle of my improvement season, I was very discouraged. I would lay in bed and cry. Now I know I'm still big and it makes me uncomfortable but I don't get as down as before! Progress. Today, even if I feel like a monster I don’t let it bother me or if it does I try and move past it quickly. I'm glad that I'm wrapping up this experience with this mindset. This week I'm thinking I did it, I had my first full build season and I never will have to go to this extreme of a build again unless I want to change to figure... but that's another story! Mission accomplished. Another stepping stone in my experiences!

Most of us starting something new really don't know what to expect. You may have an idea but you really don't know. The new girls don't know how hard prep can truly be just like I thought off season would be easier! Boy, are we all wrong. If you are passionate about something you will try everyday no matter how uncomfortable you are. You won’t settle, exceed boundaries that test you! If it's being uncomfortably big or small. You’ll push the envelope! You also want others to share the love you have for something it makes it more enjoyable. Simply talking to the newbies and meeting more athletes at the different gym I go to now has me thinking in a way I haven’t since prep. I see the light. There is hope. I use to think that I let everyone down and that I failed.  Hearing what other people see in me makes me see myself in a different light.

All the encouragement I have sent out has come back to me and I have been spot on ever since Thanksgiving. No cardio missed and no cheating my diet. I have been on. I am no longer complaining about being hungry even though it’s still there but I am embracing the struggle, the pain… literally. I actually am look forward to my check in. I usually hate them or get really anxious but with following what I am told to a T, I cannot be disappointed.

Reflecting on my last year, I had my first prep and grow season. I made it and I did it! Like seriously guys!!! I thought off season would never end and even though I am not where I thought I would be I am coming out with a smile on my face. Now I get to share that with everyone. What I think I improved and when I had my slips. No stone left unturned. 25 days left until prep begins, just the thought puts a big grin on my face. It feels like a countdown until a show for me but it's just another new beginning. I'm excited to see what I have been working so hard for and as corny as it sounds I am excited to simply hear my coach say "good job". The point of what I was saying is say kind things to others, even if you don't know them and support your friends. One kind word might make someone's day and even change yours!


Have a great weekend,


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