January 6. 2017


Hi guys! I am finally back after a little bit of a break, dang computer problems! Right in time for everyone starting their New Year’s resolution. To the people trying something new or wanting to challenge themselves, I wanted to talk about one thing in particular. Sacrifices, the things we want now verses things we have to earn later.


Saying the word “no”, to going out, to having drinks, and to eating extra food. But it’s not just saying no, it’s more than that. It’s the thought behind the action. You can say no and mope or be upset. Like I can’t eat this because I will gain weight, verses I chose not to because this is what I need to do to get to my goals. There are no excuses for not doing what you really want. These moments of struggle are always temporary; it may take a while to get through your current challenge. Ends and flows, ups and downs but with every end there is a new beginning.


This is actually my first official week of prep and it’s kind of a breath of fresh air. This is ‘familiar’ territory. Nothing is the same but I remember this part! Having ok workouts and being hungry, also being tired.  Your focus changes, I no longer am worried about trying to build and make those changes. Now it’s more try and maintain strength, follow your nutrition, get your cardio done, and most important stay positive.


Don’t worry about people that won’t support you. It can be hard saying no and isolating yourself but there will be a day when you have others that have the same views as you do. It always takes time, so don’t feel bad for saying you don’t want to go party. They will understand and support your decisions if they support you. If they don’t, do you want to continue on the same road with them?


Like I said above, its prep time so there are no’s and, ifs, maybe, etc. I have my plan and now is my time. No excuses. It’s time to deliver and it’s my job to finish it out.


Hope you guys have enjoyed the holidays and have made good memories. Now it’s time for a new year to see what we can do!


Have a great weekend,




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