December 16. 2016

Role Models

Last week I talked about being excited for our new girls, this week I want to talk about role models. Role models are important because they can shape you in ways that you may not even notice. We are all unique but we do tend to rub off on what we put ourselves around. These people are not perfect entirely but we look to them for advice when needed.

For me I have always had a hard time at school. School has been a struggle for years. When I was younger, I had trouble focusing and could easily be distracted which led to me falling behind. Now in my adult life I attend college but the decision of choosing what I want to pick for my major weighs on my shoulders every day. I do over think things but when I do decide on what I do, I want it to be right and to feel right, kind of like a marriage of sorts. You will be doing it the rest of your life. A role model I have while being a college student is an everyday person that can make decisions and stick to them, also balancing being more than just a student but an individual as well.

Work related role models are the people that come into work with a clear mind every day that have a drive to be more than just average. They leave their problems at the door and go and strive for more than just doing their job. It's the person that stays late at night or goes in early in the morning. The person that doesn't complain having a shorter lunch or picking up extra hours because someone calls in sick.

We take these characteristics and live our lives through them. Be it your personal, school, work or fitness lifestyles. Having an example to follow can lead to you being the person to follow one day. Put good people in your life that believe in you and challenge you at the same time.

I know this was a short excerpt but I wanted to show my point in a very exact manner. I hope everyone stays warm this weekend because we are supposed to get some snow!


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