December 2. 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hey guys, Cassie here back with another short blog for my followers. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about family around the holiday season. Over thanksgiving I got to see my nieces that live-in Colorado. I hadn’t seen them in a year and when you are so young you grow so much in a short amount of time. They had changed so much since the last time I have seen them. If you guy’s follow my journey, then you might have read that I don’t have strong family ties. Getting to see my nieces was everything to me because even though I don’t get along with my family. Something about seeing an innocent human being makes you forget the pain that is your family.

Talking about my nieces led me to think about where I am in my adult life and I wonder how others view me. I never do really consider how people see me, but for once I thought about it. We all know I have been harsh and can be pretty abrasive when it come to my fitness and passion. I don’t want to perceive this idea that my struggles mean I am weak. I want everyone to see where I am day in and day out and know that “life’s not perfect” there are good and bad days. I want my nieces, whenever they see me, to know maybe she isn’t the best but she is a fighter.

Today, I really sat back and thought of my future. It has been so up in the air and I was tired of it being out of control. I made some decisions that may be hard but will hopefully benefit me one way or another. If not I learned through it. For example, I made the choice to indulge on thanksgiving and steer off course. That day turned into a week of having little snacks here and there. Was it a good decision? Honestly yes and no. Yes, because I needed the diet break. I was frustrated with where I was at with my progress and it had been a few months of being very consistent, I am also not in a prep yet, so that part of me got to relax. But then my body reflected my decisions, so I do regret treating my body that way. Even though I didn’t binge, my body just cannot handle extra calories and that’s just me. Some people can and some people can’t. Sure, it sucks that it looks like I ate out every day when you didn’t. This is a hard pill to swallow but the sooner I accept that this is the way my body reacts and I have to learn to live with it, the sooner I will have a better relationship with myself and also be easier when it comes to dieting or a relationship with food.

I know guys, I started talking about family and ended up talking about food. Its late and my stomach is growling so brain is starting to shut down. Have a great weekend friends, and enjoy some time to relax.

Peace out,


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