December 23. 2016

Living in the Present with Your Goals

Goals are something we work towards, in the future! How do we live in the now and stay motivated or dedicated to what we want to achieve in the future? It's very challenging not knowing if you will reach your potential. It's easy to make excuses because we don't see the work happening.

I have heard so many people talking about their New Year's Eve resolution and honestly I kind of feel like I’m doing one because that's when I start prep. So, in my view, I still put a lot of effort into sticking to the plan I'm on now but sometimes in my head I think "ahh it's ok one slip won't hurt, you are in off-season!" This is the doorway to making excuses just like "it's Christmas, we can eat how much of whatever we want!" You can but don't regret it tomorrow! It's a choice you live with. That's why exercising healthy habits now is important! Why wait for something though if you really want it? The thought that "It's the holidays we have to eat till we are sick, drink, and the gyms are closed so we have that excuse." So many of think like this that it seems ok. If you really want something you will make it happen, and you will enjoy it. It's not about being hard on yourself, like I can't skip the gym or saying you can't eat something then be upset. It's about saying I want to go to the gym or I want to stick to my plan because that's what I like to do. Ignoring pressure from others to eat something or go out, if you don't want to go, then don't go.

We see this so much during the holidays. I honestly feel there can be so much pressure to eat and if you don't, you feel uncomfortable. This topic, in my opinion, is over talked about. With that stress on us it can lead to bigger issues. I have struggled with having awful anxiety towards eating, no one should live like that. If I ate something I felt I shouldn't, I would berate myself and break down. It rolled into having bigger issues, not being able to stop. I still feel like this from time to time but less often and it has me feeling more free and relaxed. The relaxed feeling has set me up to enjoy my choices more. It is my decision and when you do something you shouldn't, you live your life in guilt.

With Christmas and New Year’s, start taking action of your decisions. Don't wait to start your New Year’s resolution until after the holidays, enjoy the holidays but start working towards your new goals now! Practice your habits, and start your new routine. All my mind is thinking right now is “I'm so close to starting prep, say bye, bye to thunder thighs”!

Most importantly about his time is to enjoy the downtime with people that care about you and love you,

 Happy holidays

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