June 27. 2016

In the Moment

Wow, I can’t believe it is almost July already! Hey guys, hope you enjoyed your weekend, maybe got to go outside and sun bathe or if you’re anything like me I avoided the heat at all costs and took multiple naps. I know that makes me sound lazy but rest up for the week ahead and I have some crazy workouts lately. Every day after I train, I come straight home eat and take a 15 minutes power nap, it feels like I was knocked out. I don’t always get to enjoy that time to recover, some days I am running around and others a totally bum. Balance right?

The matter of today though friends, I want to talk about living for today. We hear this phrase all the time but do we ever truly live it? I know I don’t every day. It is hard, we get caught up in other obstacles that it takes away from it. But to be blunt, we will never get this time back. The time it takes you to read this blog, you will never get those minutes back (time well spent in my opinion).

This isn’t supposed to be, well let’s be super optimistic and everything should be rainbows and butterflies! Don’t get me wrong we need all the positivity also. To whomever is reading this, take a moment and sit back and truly think. What does it mean to live for today? Open yourself up to so many more things that this life could offer. We tend to just be going through the rolls as a parent, student, athlete, employee, etc. but not living our life that we have been given.

For me personally you guys have read in previous blogs of mine, that struggle with body image of myself and giving this time for my body to grow. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I have done this. I will not get this feeling back. Maybe at times it isn’t the best feeling. How can I view this as something I may enjoy more? I set a challenge for myself.

The past few weeks I have said I feel lost and have been kind of down. I can say I am super excited to feel a little challenged again. That is why I love this sport/hobby, it is always challenging.  The reason I liked prepping for a show is because every day was a new obstacle to overcome. So after the competition I felt like I was twiddling my thumbs a little bit waiting to start prepping again which over time I lost focus on the goal because I didn’t feel challenged. In turn I was no longer living in the moment. I kept thinking I can’t wait to start cutting again or what am I going to do after the show. So on and so forth.

I never played sports when I was younger and never really had hobbies. I feel like I floated through what was either expected of me or just what I had to do to get by. Even whenever I started something new, I soon lost interest because I didn’t feel challenged.

My challenge to you guys this week is set a goal to challenge yourself today, this week, this month, or this year and live in every second of your day to pursuing that goal!

Happy Monday to all, see you guys on the flipside


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