June 24. 2016

Creatures of Habit

Have you ever had that little mistake you keep on making? You know it’s a problem but you keep on doing it over and over again. It could be something holding you back from your goals or just a choice that you keep deciding to continue with but later down the road you end up regretting it. This choice affects you, all your choices you make have an effect whether they be good or bad. They could be a small thing or something that can seriously hurt you in the long run.

A small habit that I have had is that I am a night eater. No big deal to some but to me it can add up. Put me on a low calorie diet with loads of cardio and that’s no problem but come night time when I wake up I am like a zombie and wonder into the kitchen. It is a habit I have a hard time breaking. The funny thing is it’s always every three hours and when I get a bite it’s a piece of chicken, just like my routine. I know when I can get past this small step then I will be golden!

A more severe issue I need to kick is how I deal with anxiety. In any given situation I personally hate time restraints. It could be finals coming up or a competition prep, but I hate being in a crunch for time. It always puts me in a sour attitude if I’m late or I I’m rushing to catch up. The reason I say it is severe is because in contrast to my late night bite verses a buildup of anxiety, anxiety can spiral and cause damage in other life aspects. Plus everyone around you can tell that something is not right and more than likely they do not want to be associated with you till your back in control of your emotions, your emotions could transfer to them. It’s contagious! Be aware!!

Last week I talked about how much I had happen to me and I was astounded by how well I handled the stress, well I think it caught up to me! I haven’t been an absolute mess but the stress has gotten to me more this week the last. If we do not find a way to handle the stress then each week can continue to get worse which in turn makes a bigger hole that we have to dig ourselves out of.

Breaking habits can be hard but the reward that you accomplished something is so well worth it. I had a class that I had been skipping a few times last fall and after a while became behind, I was stressed because this was a habit I had since high school about missing class and soon I was trying to play catch up. In the end when I turned in my final it was all worth it rather than just giving up and failing. I have never really completed a prep before until this year. I wish I had a video of how happy I was just to be there. Nothing is more rewarding than to know you earned it. It takes one time to break that habit and then just continue repeating, day after day.

So friends, do not feel discouraged by our Achilles heel. We all have them. Take that one day at a time to turn that flaw into something beautiful, or weakness into a strength. I may be young but if I have learned anything in my life so far it is the best reward is something you work for, nothing great it ever given!

Enjoy the weekend, go to the pool but don’t forget to bring sunscreen. I’m rocking my third or fourth sun burn this year!

Peace out,


June 22. 2016

Being Smart with your Body

Good morning friends!

Something that always bugs me is how we don't seem to take care of our temples as a society. Everywhere you look, there are things that we can ingest or take in some way or another that have no purpose other than to alleviate some non existent need. I say non existent need because before we touch said item, it's not even something that was on our radar. Let's take for instance cigarettes. Yes I'm going to pick a bit on smokers, my apologies if you are one of the minority who believes somehow they are not bad for you. Smoking, and I used to smoke, is a habit that has no benefit at all. Some will say that it helps curb your appetite or that it relaxes you, but I believe this is all psychological and making excuses to do something terrible to yourself.  So, smoking has no benefit, other than the instant gratification. It fills your lungs with carcinogens, makes it hard to breath and causes you have issues in just about every cell of your body. Yet it's a huge thing that a lot of people are still addicted to regardless of all the research done now and the mountains of evidence that points out how bad it is.  

Now, let's take that same thought and apply it to food. Food is a great thing! It's a fuel source, a source of enjoyment, happiness, and bonding between people. Yet, much like smoking, it can be toxic to our bodies. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter if it's a healthy food to be toxic. So there's a trend among competitors and human beings in general. That trend is over indulgence. A lot of us eat to be happy. I'll never forget the famous quote by Ben Franklin "eat to live, don't live to eat". 

Really think about what that means for a moment. It's probably one of the most intelligent statements I've ever heard and I think about it constantly. What does it mean? Well to me it means, you want to eat for satiety, not for satisfaction. Now those two can in fact go hand in hand, but for most people it won't. We must force ourselves to eat a certain way to maintain a semblance of balance and health. 

Ben Franklin knew this and he apparently was way above the curve in his thinking. Today, we are littered with bad choices to be made. Everywhere you turn there is a product that can cause harm to your body and yet it's socially acceptable to ingest said items. Ice cream, cookies, soda, cigarettes, alcohol, high trans fat foods...etc. Now of course you can enjoy things in moderation. Except cigarettes, I'm a stickler on that one. I don't believe they have any benefit. But other items, even trans fats, can be ok in moderation. 

Moderation is the key here. Not all of us are bodybuilders, thankfully for me because I'd lose every time if everyone did it. ;) Most of us are your average person, who just wants to get through that day and be happy while doing so. We must make intelligent choices and not harm our bodies. If you ate bad, or had too much of what you thought was a good thing, just dial it back in. Don't take in as much that next day or two or however long you can. Each meal, think to yourself, am I a truly eating this to benefit my body and life or am I eating it out of comfort or depression. A lot of people eat because of these two things. I know, I was overweight most of my life and still fight it. 

So today isn't meant to be a downer, it's meant to be an eye opener. You can have fun when you eat, you can. You can have that drink every once and awhile, soda, alcohol, whatever. You just want to make sure not to go overboard all the time. Take care of your body, it's the only one you have and as far as I know, you can't replace it. 

Live smart and try to stay healthy. That's all we can do, but if you do it, you'll be happier and thankful that you did.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week.

Thanks so much,

Adam Hartley
Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting
June 20. 2016

Planning Ahead

Making a plan. What are your goals? Write them down. What do you wish to achieve? Let your passion drive your actions. Long-term or short-term? What are the steps I need to take to achieve my goal? Visualize what you want to achieve.

Hey friends, happy Father’s Day! I hope everyone got to enjoy some time with their loved ones this weekend. I had a blast spending some quality time with our team!

So today guys, I’m feeling a little off this evening. Just not my usual Cassie self… It could be numerous reasons, a lot of things have been happening lately but one thing that bothers me the most is how I’m feeling preparing for the next competition. I know that is all I talk about but hey it’s my love. I really wanted to compete again this year but I’m not sure if my body will be ready. I have been feeling confused and a little lost which isn’t very motivating. At the end of the day I work out hard and ate clean. I put in effort and tried. That is all we can. Trial in error.

This has taught me that in the future I need that structure. It helps me focus on the end result, whereas my mind is right now I just want to feel like an athlete again and to feel comfortable with myself.  This week I am going to sit down and plan out my goals and how I conquer them? What obstacle do I need to overcome?

I do believe in signs and that I have been feeling so off could be why I am lacking my usual motivation. Things can come and go. I hope I snap out of this tomorrow, fingers crossed!  This is why vision for our future is so important. Every day of my last prep I would visualize my moment on stage. It helped me through. Also staying organized really makes you focus every detail towards your goal.

Anyways I know this was a short little blurb today but I just wanted to go over the importance of planning out your goals so we can crush them! Keep going and grinding friends I will be back on the horse sooner rather than later.


June 17. 2016

Mind over Matter

What is up my friends?! Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already Friday! Wow, this week has flown by. But hey I’m not complaining.

So in my previous blog I talked about how I was experiencing some life struggles, well let’s just say it kept coming at me throughout this week. I could make you a list of all the things that happened but what good would that do me? I am blown away by my attitude handling all these stressful situations this week. Usually I am a grouch and honestly if I wanted to use these circumstances as excuses I could. I have been tested this week and somehow I still manage. We keep going and ultimately it is up to you if you want to let the stress get the best of you or how can I resolve this and get past it. There is always a way!

I am in somewhat shock with the whirlwind of what has been happening. It is sad but I feel like nothing could surprise me at this point. Be an optimist, not a pessimist. Life is not perfect, it can be better each and every day but we must use our tools and skills that we are given to further succeed. Be thankful for our strengths and work on our weaknesses.

I will say the one thing that bothers me is where I am at in my training. Then again I never had to grow before so it’s uncomfortable. I hate feeling so large especially coming from so small. This is where I have to take a step back and rationalize with myself. “Cassie, you are healthy and active. You get the opportunity to train this way where as others may not. You let that passion drive you in any task asked of you!” If I do not make it to the stage again this year it will be ok. Yes, I really wanted to compete again but there will always be a show to do. Be at peace with things that are out of my control.

Learn to let things go rather than try to change an unpleasant circumstance. I am sure hearing me complain about my body issues is the opposite. Let me clear that up for you guys. My passion is fitness. I love it all. From the people that are bodybuilders to someone trying out the gym for the first time, I do not discriminate. This is where I belong and of that I am sure. When you let passion guide you wonders can truly be achieved.

Even months before when I was prepping for my show I would have bad anxiety about losing weight or if I was in this situation before I would be going crazy. Now I just handle it as it comes, stress is stress or weight is just weight. Things come and go, and all we can do is do our best.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts and I hope everyone enjoys there weekend.


June 15. 2016

Being the Best Version of You

Good morning friends! Today is another wonderful that will be filled with great new experiences! I for one am excited and ready to embrace the day!

Over this last weekend I competed in my second ever bodybuilding competition. The experience of getting ready for this one, was way different than the last one. Different in a good way though I think. This time around, I kind of knew what was going to happen and was able, for the most part, to mentally handle it. I'm not going to lie, I get unhappy during my preps, but it's from lack of food, not because I'm an unhappy guy normally. I'm actually normally a goofball. So when I'd get angry, it kind of sucked. It's all part of the game though and each time it will get better.

So I dropped 55 pounds from February to June for this show. Wow. That's almost unreal to even write out. I went a tad overboard I think on my bulk, but honestly I believe it benefitted me. The first half of losing wasn't very hard, I dropped fast and furious. The second half and the last bit was really, really hard.

On show day, I was at the right weight during the morning. I had to drive to Omaha, NE from Overland Park, KS that morning and it took me probably four hours with pee breaks and general stops. When I got to the check in venue, I stripped down to my boxers in the parking lot and stepped on a scale I'd brought. I was three pounds too heavy. I was distraught and angry and felt like giving up. My coach, who just so happens to be my business partner and friend, told me I'm fine and to get to the hotel and hit some cardio. He did everything he could to motivate and encourage me, and it worked. At that point, I needed the encouragement and even though I had doubts, not in him but in myself, I still listened and adhered to what I was told.

I got to my hotel, put on three layers of shirts including a hoodie and sweatpants and went down to the hotel gym. They had a treadmill, so I used that at a 15 incline going at a 4 pace for 20 minutes. After doing two rounds of that with about a five to ten minute breaks in between, I was .5 under weight. My coach told me to get my butt over to weigh ins. 

It was a struggle at the venue to figure out where to go. I was stressed, angry, hot, hungry, thirsty and confused. LOL. I was so mentally out of it I had even forgot to register for my NPC card and had to stand there and do it online while they waited. By the time I stepped on the scale there was only 15 minutes left in after noon check ins. 

I was nervous but didn't hesitate. I stepped on and was 175.6. I was .4 away from being too heavy! hahaha! I beat the scale!!! 

After that I was so happy and ready to get on stage. 

During the evening a got a bit of food (thankfully), got my spray tan and got to meet Mr. Olympia Phil Heath! I got a picture with him and everything!! He was a very nice man and very humble. I was shocked as I have met many famous people in my life before because I used to work in the movie industry, and he was the most humble famous person I've encountered. He wished me luck, which I'm sure he did with everyone, but I took it to heart. He was wishing me luck at that moment. No one else. I have no aspirations to be Mr. O one day, but I admire the guy and look up to him. What he has achieved is unreal and most cannot do it or even come close. So this really made my weekend. 

The next day I was ready to step on stage, and boy do I mean I was ready. Despite my depleted state, I was excited and happy. I wanted to be out there! To my dismay and surprise, despite the show being promoted as a large show, it was a very low turn out. In my class there were only two of us. My teammate Jose and I were the only ones that were going on stage for middleweight bodybuilding. It really disappointed me for like two minutes. hah. Then I realized, I was going to be requalified nationally, get an award and get to stand on stage with an amazing guy who I'd like to consider a friend. It was a perfect scenario. That stage was ours and we owned it!

We stepped on stage, got turned as rapidly as they could turn us, but I ignored that and hit my poses hard, which probably cost me in the score (honestly there's two of us, who cares right?). I had the time of my life! Watching Jose perform then going up against him was an honor. The guy has been competing since 2001 and doesn't even know how many shows he's done, which means he's done a lot. So he's seasoned and I'm not. That alone was thrilling. To go against someone who has been through it so many more times than me and be able to stand with him. 

When judging came around we were placed with Jose being 1st and myself being 2nd. At that moment I could not have been happier. I was absolutely thrilled not only for the simple fact that I have placed 1st and 2nd in my only two shows I've done, but that Jose got 1st. I was so happy for him. Hopefully he could tell that too. I was smiling like a big dummy out there. haha. 

Part of me wonders why I didn't get 1st, but it's not important. What's important is I brought my best to date and next time I'll be even better. I lost to a guy who is an amazing bodybuilder and person, and I didn't actually lose. I'm still a winner. I told him, even if there had been ten guys on that stage, it would have been me and you man. I truly believe that. We both put our everything in it and worked so hard. I was ready to move mountains and I know he was too. 

The entire experience was amazing and it's funny, I'm taking the next year at least off, but I already want to get back on stage. I know! My wife would kill me to hear that! But it's addicting! I love it! I love this sport, the people involved and the process. It's a truly humbling and amazing thing to go through. Suffering beyond belief and knowing that you have a choice the whole time. I use it as a way or building myself mentally, physically and spiritually. 

When I'm done with a show prep, I eat. I try not to go insane, but I eat. It's something many of us take for granted. Having food that is. When you are deprived of it, it gives you some perspective on how those of us who don't have the means to eat when they are hungry must feel. I am able to choose to not eat as much, but there are people out there that do not have a choice. This helps me understand and really want to help others in a whole new way. Again it's very humbling, and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

So the best part of the whole weekend besides meeting Phil was that it was my middle daughter's birthday on Friday (check in day). I had told her probably a month ago that if I win anything this show, it's hers and she can hang it in her room in a shadow box. She was so excited. The look on her face when I brought back that massive medal for her! That made everything worth it. All the pain and suffering, all the cardio! It was all worth it to see that beautiful little girl smile so wide. 

My next steps in bodybuilding is to hit a national stage. I may do a warm up show first, and see if I can win my class in open, I feel like it's a must. But regardless I'm going to Masters Nationals next year. I'm planning on bumping up in weight, which will be easy for me since I was skating on the edge anyway, and I'm going to come in as competitive as humanly possible. It's going to be fun and I can't wait!!!

Enjoy today friends! Love life and truly live it! It's an awesome experience and one we ought to all be thankful for. I know I am.

Take care.

Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting

email ahartley@customfitnessconsulting.com for plan information to change your life

June 13. 2016

My Journey to Self-Awareness

Here’s to another Monday guys! This past weekend we were up in Omaha, Ne for the NPC/IFBB Duel of Champions competition. All of my teammates did very well and much more importantly enjoyed their time there. When we all get together it’s always a good time, there were some fights and laughs but hey that’s family for ya!

Over the past few days I have had a multitude of events occur that has been very stressful and for a period of time made me unhappy. Which it really hit my while I was in Omaha trying to enjoy my time with everyone. I am not here to vent about it or complain but holy mother has life decided to take a turn on me. Notice how I just say turn on me and I don’t say good or bad, I am just now being steered down another path. At times I felt very down and alone, I am a person that withdrawals and keeps everything inside. Most time my friends will be able to tell “something is wrong with Cassie” or I am not my bubbly positive self.

This weekend it seemed to hit me in waves. At times I was quiet and kept to myself, not wanting my mood to affect anyone else or I would be super excited and pumped up. In the midst of my inner battle I still able to make some good memories and enjoy the time with people I care about. Guess what I did? I ate some food I probably shouldn’t have. You know what? It’s ok! What is not ok is when we obsess about things, like food, to a point that we are unhappy. Or when we do eat something that maybe we shouldn’t or isn’t the best for us and we get so distraught about it, at least I have in the past. I do not feel bad about it at all, I know I ate things I probably shouldn’t have but such is life and I will not make excuses and continue on this path because I am stressed or upset. I will also not beat myself up over it. Each day is a new day to try again, that doesn’t mean go balls to the walls and eat everything because you slipped that day. In the end if you fail once does that mean give up on your dream? If it’s your lifestyle or a passion.

I know I talk about food and fitness too much but when I get in my groove with these two topics I feel so good about myself. It isn’t even about looking good or competing. I just feel good and that echoes into other aspects of my life. So when I know that I haven’t trained in a few days and have not eaten my cleanest, should I be upset that I’m a little fuller? No it was my choice be at peace with my body and find that balance. Before I complained about being hungry now I complain about the weight.

When I brought up the stressors earlier this follows with why many peoples have certain eating patterns, comfort foods. Let go of these small things that worry you, everything falls into place with a little bit of work and some balance. There are too many things that happen that are out of our control that why should we worry about something we can?

Have a great week friends


June 9. 2016

You Choose Your Surroundings

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I am off to Omaha to support my team this weekend at IFBB/NPC Duel of champions. My week has been pretty good so far, setting us up to really have fun and enjoy the weekend!

I feel like I kind of left you guys on a cliff hanger with what was going on with me this past weekend. Basically I was talking about how I was struggling with body issues and some weight gain. I am in no way out of shape or gaining a crazy amount of weight. I just am getting used to the high calories and my body is trying to adjust, it takes time. Anyways so like I said at my check ins I freaked out, I wasn’t prepared for the results. But like with any good athlete they have a coach to talk them through it. I wanted this, I wanted to be more intense in my growth so I can’t be upset with the weight gain. My mind is already more accepting of my new form, It may not be my best but this is me and I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. We also talked about starting our next step next week. I am so excited. I love new things! This past week though I have been the most relaxed I have been on my nutrition in months. Saying “relaxed” means I’m still eating 6 meals all weighed out, but I didn’t worry as much about it. I lifted and enjoyed my “prep food” because lets face it, I may start suffering next week! Pray for me!

After that check in, and I thought it was awful and having my coach’s support, it got me thinking about your surroundings. I did freak out but we nipped the negative thoughts and anxiety in the butt which lead to a great week. Maybe my physique isn’t the best, but I think I am strengthening my love and appreciation for myself more than just a tool I wield.

There are so many competitors that have coaches that would not be as supportive or patient with them as mine has with working with me. Even more people could get negative feedback from a bad check in. My coach would never comfort me with a lie but he wouldn’t tear me apart either. You have to find the people to surround yourself with that have similar characteristics or vibes as yourself. I enjoy being a pretty mellow laid-back go with the flow type girl. If I am around someone else that is anxious or just saying mean things then those feelings rub off on me.

Pick who you choose to hang around because it really makes a difference. I am not your parent or anything but if you are spending most of your time with people with no drive or motivation it can rub off on you. I like being surrounded by the go getters with incredible drive and work ethic because it helps me continue to better myself.

Just wanted to share some thoughts with you guys but I will be checking back up with you guys on Monday! Have a great weekend!


June 8. 2016

Never Giving Up

Good morning everyone! It's a beautiful day and today I am grateful for that!

This Friday is my weigh in for my second bodybuilding show and man am I ready. Ready in the sense that I'm ready to be done with it and ready in the sense that I have pushed myself to the next level to get to that stage. 

This time around it has been an absolute struggle with my weight to get to middle weight bodybuilding. After my first show, I gained more muscle than I thought I would, and I believe it from being in a depleted state for so long. So, it has been extremely hard to get down to that magic number, which is 176 lbs on the scale. Normally I'm 5'8 and happy at about 200-210 and still have some abs at that point, so 176 is not a fun thing. Especially seeing as how I bulked to 230 during the winter.

Today I stepped on the scale and I was 179.2. That puts me into the range I need to be, which I did not think would happen. That is without any water manipulation at all. So I'm ready! After dropping 51 lbs, I am ready! hah! I laugh because the thought of 51 pounds is a bit overwhelming, but I did it. How??? I never, ever gave up.

There have been times during this preparation that I have second guessed myself, been depressed, hungry, angry, and outright mean. Despite all that, I kept my eyes on the prize and never stopped. I refused to stop. If you want something bad enough, and you fight hard enough, you can do it. It's mind over matter almost always. 

So here I was floating at a weight for weeks on end and getting depressed because of it. I buckled down and pushed harder, I pushed until I could not push anymore. Guess what? It's paying off. It was all worth it. To me the hard part is almost over and now it's time to have fun!

Being on stage isn't the most enjoyable thing for me, but I get excited. The thrill of stepping out there and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that you put your all into something is probably one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced. I am not vain and I don't look at myself all the time and think positive things, but I do pride myself on being consistent and strong willed. There have been many times where I wanted to throw in the towel, but I didn't because I knew I could do this. I knew it. 

Now it's almost stage time. I could win, I could place, or I could completely lose. It doesn't matter. What matters is I am a winner no matter what. I achieved something and was able to overcome what I thought was impossible yet again. I have learned more about myself and learned to appreciated life even more now that I've been through this hardship. Winning is fun, and don't get me wrong, I want to win, but I want the take away more than a trophy or medal. The feeling of being a success despite all odds. 

It wasn't that long ago I was an obese man sitting at a desk wasting my life away, or at least certain aspects of my life. Now I am an accomplished father, husband, business owner and friend. I have done the unthinkable. Changed my life and my outlook on that life. It was all worth it. The hard times and the good. There is not a single thing I would change because I learned and became a better man because of everything I've been through in my life. 

So again today I say, I am grateful. I am a success. I am a winner. I am me and that's who I love to be. 

Thank you everyone! Enjoy your week! I'll make sure to post some stage shots for those interested after the weekend and of course updates on how I do! My journey is still not over, and neither is yours! Fight the good fight and never give up!

Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting


June 6. 2016

Knowing When to Remove Your Emotions

Hi readers, so today I finally got a much needed rest day. I have been so busy and moving from 7 in the morning and some days not getting to bed until midnight, then I lay there hoping to actually get sleep. No lifting or cardio today, even though it passed my mind a few times about going. Listen to your body and to how you feel. Saturday night, I was feeling run down and I could tell I needed a break. I slept well but most of today I could tell I have been off. In my head I know it’s me and my own mindset. Sure I can place the blame or make excuses about all these other things that could be associated with my misfortunate attitude but, written in my previous blog, what would that solve? Guess what I did? I took the day to sleep and nerd out about vitamins and minerals. I am still working on my self-love and being comfortable in my own skin, so why not educate myself a little. I know I truly feel good if my body feels healthy.

This last weekend our team was at Muscle Mayhem in Overland Park hanging out and supporting each other. It was nice to talk to everyone and we still have this upcoming show in Omaha next weekend. I have been struggling with the weight gain especially seeing my friends compete makes me want to be on stage so much more! Thinking about missing the stage and then I see myself soft, no longer hard muscles is a daily challenge. My check-ins are with my coach tomorrow, where I will weigh myself and send progress picture and I am honest here guys I am frightened. You have to realize that I worked months to get this weight off so any weight coming back on I am scared that the scale will keep going up and that I will not progress and actually go backwards. This is my mental battle I work on all the time. Sometimes it gets over whelming to the point I start crying or when I used to cheat my diet.

I used to get so excited for my check ins but I can also get really anxious about them. Overanalyzing and being critical takes a hold and can turn into a downward spiral. I feel the buildup of nerves for the check ins starting so I am putting myself in what I call an “adult-timeout”. I separate myself from others for a time until I can get my act straight and be in control of my emotions. This is really important for anyone I believe to distinguish when you truly need some alone time. Everyone needs some peace and quiet once in a while.

If things do not turn out not how I want them tomorrow then I need to be able to let that moment go and move on. Luckily, I have tomorrow off so it is actually like I have a 2 day weekend. I know my schedule is so weird. I won't get caught up and let one instance ruin my time, day, week, whatever. I really feel like this blog relates to my previous because when I was talking about how no one wants to talk about the negative things. By that I mean gaining weight for a woman is usually an unhappy thing. Now I am living what I preach to the T! So I am going to do this like a band-aid and just do it real quick.

After writing this blog, I had to think back and remember I have my team competing this week. It’s not always about you, Cassandra! Comparing myself to anyone is a waste of time and energy, the only time I should ever be compared is the moment I am on that stage. So my 19 weeks out shouldn’t look like someone who is about to compete, but that is not an excuse to be too relaxed on diet and training. I am not sure if this blog had the clearest of directions but I hope it may have helped someone out there. Maybe I just needed to lay my thoughts out to you guys and that’s the remedy to my anxiety. Hey that rhymed! I am so witty.

Have a great week everyone and I will TTYL

-Cassandra Dean 

June 2. 2016

What do we Accomplish?

I have to ask today guys, what do we accomplish? From any given situation, good or bad. When you ask someone who has done something wrong or just has a negative attitude a redundant question that you already know the answer to, what usually happens? They become silent, they don’t want to answer because they know they are in the wrong to have this type of thinking or mental process. Does that make sense? Or another example is when a parent asks their child how they did on a test that they know their child had been studying hard for, the reward for the child to tell their parent that they did well is the ultimate payoff. Anything positive that we do or even just our outlook we like to share with others, broadcasting it to all! On the opposite side of the scale you have the negative thinking which can be harmfu,l that we are ashamed of and try to hide. Well I say don’t hide it any longer. It is like someone with a some kind of problem, how are they going to fix this problem if they don’t address it? Am I making sense guys, try to keep up with me here!

The reason for this ramble, I am not here to say “no excuses! Work hard every day! keep grinding, quit complaining, la la la” the list can go on. I am not a pastor and I am not here to preach, these are my life experiences that I am sharing with you and I hope they may benefit you in some way. I hate seeing someone just continue to make the same mistakes. It is an unhealthy relationship. Like a friend watching her friend date some jerk guy and they can’t leave them. You pity them. It is sad and you know they are unhappy.

So why do something that makes you unhappy? There are half a dozen of my teammates struggling in their preps about to compete these next few weeks and they are doing awesome! They are not complaining and are doing what it takes. Sure it is rough at points, but what would they get from being upset or pissed off that they are tired or want to go eat something! It wouldn’t help the situation at all. You cannot win anything from an already losing situation.

Here is to everyone that embraces their flaws, their struggles, or insecurities! That takes real guts to do and not many people have the courage to do it!

This is the part where I will preach to you guys. Don’t hold back. Give this life all you got, you only have one shot! If you’re prepping for a show, working a full time job, raising a family, do it to your utmost potential. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s going to happen, learn from them. Surround yourself with others that have the same drive and motivation as you!

Well friends, it is past midnight and I don’t know if that was a clear message or not but I had a long day at work and I am a little delirious now. Hopefully I can get some much needed rest! I do have to train legs a third time this week and it will have to be Friday! Yay! Have a great weekend and good luck to all the competitors this weekend at Muscle Mayhem!

Peace out


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