November 30. 2016

Empathy Towards Others

Empathy is defined as "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another". 

When I was first getting into fitness, I had a clear path in mind and I know now that it's the right path. I was always a person that has wanted to help other people to be better at feeling good about themselves and to become healthier. The only way I knew how to do this was to learn to have empathy towards others. 

In the not so distant path, I didn't quite understand the difference between being emphatic versus sympathetic. I would feel sorrow for others without really trying to understand what they were going through and without knowing the story behind the person. It took awhile for me, but not as long as I've seen it take others, to open my heart and mind and start to understand. 

It's kind of a funny thing, but I believe I can find common ground or understanding with almost every single person I've met in my life. I have lived a longer life than I've actually been alive. I've seen a lot, experienced a lot and I'd like to think I've become a wiser man because of this. So when I meet someone, I'm not constantly trying to relate. It comes more naturally. I have the uncanny ability to put myself in their shoes and see their pain or joy as they see it.

This skill that I've developed, or mindset, has allowed me to be truly open to helping anyone and everyone I've come across, even if it's only for a short lived moment in time. I can be an impactful person and use that fact to the best of my ability to sway others towards happiness.

Now I'm not always the empathetic person I know I can be a bit of a grouch. I'm human and have my own emotions and struggles and a lot of times I've let my mind become clouded by delusions of grandeur. 

Despite my flaws though, I am able to still preserve and related with others on an emotional level as well as a logical level.

Why is this important?

This is important for the simple fact that we are all human beings and we are all going through this ride called life together. If we cannot relate or empathize with others, well then we probably are going to feel pretty darn lonely and get complacent in our own development of self. I want to continue my growth and that is why it's important to me.

We can at times as well be sympathetic towards others without enabling them to be in a weak place. There is nothing wrong with feeling sorrow for another if it's a justifiable emotion. A lot of times though, like I'm stating here, it's about understanding more than it is about feeling bad for someone. 

If we learn to understand each other, work with each other, love and live together, imagine what we could accomplish! The sky is truly the limit.

Today I'd like to challenge you out there that are reading to listen to someone else. It doesn't matter if they are unloading their burdens and pains, just listen and try to understand. Give them that and see how it makes you feel. To truly care about another enough to not dismiss their sorrow, joy, or rage. Talk to them with logic and be that person who can understand when no one else will even bother to try. 

Take care and enjoy the rest of you week.


Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting

November 25. 2016

That Time of Year

So, I’m sitting here at my sister’s house in Colorado, beyond stuffed. Guess what that means? Yes, I had a meal with my family. I had in my head that I was going to stick to my plan perfect but that’s not always what happens. I’m not saying here cheat on your plan or make excuses.

Let me just clarify. Today wasn’t a glam fest for myself. I woke up ate my eggs and chicken meals throughout the day and as it came closer to dinner time I started feeling guilty that I was being so harsh that I couldn’t enjoy one meal with the family I only see once a year. Now my family and I aren’t super close so some of my decision could have been stress eating too.

The point is, it’s one meal. Don’t stuff your face and make yourself sick. That’s a problem mentally with food, if you can’t stop yourself from eating everything. What is also a problem is restricting yourself so much that you feel guilty having a meal with your family.

My diet and routine was spot on this week and I am very proud of that. So, doing my re-feed on a different day is ok with me. I am getting ready for a prep but not yet in one. Give and take. Enjoy and don��t feel guilty. Live a life that you enjoy. If you love food that’s ok, if you want to diet for goals. That’s alright too.

I am ok that I was not perfect this week because I am not a perfect person, and I never will be. Also, not an excuse to chase the thought of perfection. I’m glad a have a dieting persons’ stomach. I didn’t even finish my plate and I had a rigid abdomen.

I may regret some of my decisions tomorrow but it’s back to my routine of eggs and chicken. Doing the things that I love because in a few weeks’ prep mode will be in full blast and I am so excited. For now, I am going to watch Trolls with my nieces.

Take away this message today, especially from myself because I really do struggle with food anxiety and having body dysmorphia. I know I struggle with my thoughts towards food, but loosen that grip you have on the thought that food ruins you. It doesn’t “ruin” you, sure in an abundance food turns to fat or in worst cases makes us ill. That’s all our mental control. How much we put in our mouths and how we CHOSE to view our bodies. It’s our choice guys, what’s your choice going to be?

Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the holiday and have a great weekend!

Till next week,


November 23. 2016

The Holidays

It's that time of year again where we share food and spend time with our family and friends. The time where all the goodies will be on display and we will be tempted beyond our ability to most likely control ourselves. Guess what though? It's ok. 

Each year the holidays roll around and if you are one of those people who diets this time of year, or are just doing what you need to in order to be healthy. That's awesome and totally fine!! Don't stress too much on this holiday season and try to enjoy what you can.

The holidays come and go and they can either be a time of joy or a complete detriment to us. For instance if you're dieting for a specific reason, then you probably need to stay on point and try and moderate what you're eating so you don't mess up your entire plan. If you've hired a coach, you can manipulate your one meal a week that you get as a re-feed/cheat (depending on your coach) and use that holiday meal instead. Why not? That's the whole reason you hired a coach, to help you in difficult times. Which the holidays are for most people. 

Right now I'm doing a 30 day challenge with a group of folks who chose to do it as well. Do I need to lose weight? Maybe a tiny bit, but overall, no. I'm in great shape, but I want to help those who do. The best way to help others is to lead by example. So I will not be shoveling food in my face while they are suffering. Honestly though, the whole suffering thing isn't really suffering but it sometimes does feel like that. It's because we put entirely too much stock in food and forget the important things in life like being appreciative that we can even eat. 

Now the holidays are not about food, but they've become about food for many people and perhaps this is a great opportunity to realize there's so much more to them. Most of us gather with our families and friends and enjoy their company during this time. We sit and talk to people that we sometimes don't see but only on these holidays. It's a time of joy and a time of relaxation. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas only happen once a year right? Well that's true. Here's the thing though. If you are into holidays simply for food and look at your calendar, there's a TON of them that we celebrate throughout the year and most of them are excuses to binge eat. So why not instead, eat in moderation and just enjoy your friends/family? It's not nearly as hard as you would be led to believe. Trust me, I've done it and got through it. It actually feels good to only eat a smaller amount and just relax instead of destroying my gut with a ton of food. Honestly I don't think there's ever a situation where that will be good for you.

Now I'm not telling you to not enjoy the food, not at all. What I'm getting at is that you can enjoy the food and not go overboard. You don't have to consume 3k calories in that meal to have a good time. It won't make you feel better. It will most likely make you feel like junk the next day, so there's no point. It's a mental game we play with ourselves and we are stronger than that.

My suggestions? Fill that plate with proteins, veggies, and good fats. Avoid having an over abundance of the carbs during the holidays. Not because carbs are bad, but because holiday carbs generally are filled with a lot more than the eye can see. You can still have some and be ok, just be smart about it. Use your brain and not your eyes to fill that plate. If you want a piece pumpkin pie, have it. Just don't have three!

Make smart choices and you'll be ok, but focus on why we are there in the first place. To love our family and friends, not to gorge.  

With that being said, if you do happen to go overboard, don't beat yourself up about it. It doesn't mean you failed, it just means you had a tiny slip up. That's not a big deal and it won't destroy you physically. It can emotionally though if you allow it. So don't let it. If you overeat, just accept it and move on. Don't dwell on it, it won't help you and you cannot go back in time and change things, so there's not point in even making a fuss over it. 

Enjoy your holidays. Be smart. Have fun and just try your best. That's all you need to do. 

Thanks so much,

Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting for exercise and nutrition plans.
November 18. 2016

Fitness Saves Me

Everyday can seem like a blur, maybe you’re just going through the motions or counting down the minutes until your day is over. How is that living? I am guilty of this on quite often. I can’t wait to be home or go to sleep. Your day isn’t even over and you are wanting it to be. The single thing that I live for is my fitness journey.

I love that phrase. Fitness journey. It isn’t just about lifting weights or following a plan. It’s about the progress you make and how it impacts your life. You guys know by now that my progress is a huge part of my life. I could have a bad day but if I have a good lift I am on cloud 9!

Today for example. All last night I tossed and turned in bed, my stomach gurgling. It was my low-calorie day and the next day was my high day. I’m sure I was a little anxious to not be hungry and that made it worse. So, I bared through it and was expecting my weight to be down. Guess what? It was up. I at least thought if it wouldn’t be down that usually it just stays the same but instead I was up. Being tired, hungry, and now emotional was a recipe for disaster.

I went about my day kind in a mopey mood. “Why me?” “why is this so much more difficult than last year?” “will I be ready?” “what am I doing wrong?”, on and on these questions ran through my head until the final thought hit, “why am I even trying?”. I quickly get my things together and head to the gym. I am mad about things and was not looking forward to working out.

After a while of warming up I was starting to feel better. I got to my deadlifts, on Wednesday, I would say this is my key lift. I started with my warm up weight, btw my warm up weight this year was my working weight last year. I quickly move to last week’s max weight and pull it like a dream. I then add my weight for my final set, 205lbs. I have never even gotten that off the ground, 185lb was my max. I sat down and focused then set myself and pulled. I got it up and even could move through 8 solid reps. Afterwards I was like wow did that really just happen?!

In my life, I am not sure what I wanted to do with school. I struggle with my relationship with my family. Sometimes I struggle with finances. I also do not have many friends. I haven’t even gone on a date in almost 2 years. Life can be depressing; I don’t say I am depressed or whine about it because I truly think we all suffer from some form of it and it’s how we survive. That’s why fitness saves me! I may not be lean or the most muscular but I will not give up. It’s my passion.


Till next time,


November 16. 2016

Reflecting and Progressing Always

Yesterday I was able to go to a gym that I hadn't set foot in since the before the summer began. The gym I used to go to was purchased by a different company and I used it as an excuse to leave after about fifteen years of membership. I joined a new gym, but kept my old membership, yes I'm one of those people with multiple memberships. 

While I was there I got to see all the familiar faces that I had for so many years. Part of me was saddened by moving away, funny thing to be sad about a gym, I know. The other part of me used it as an analogy for my life. I'm about progress and feel I had outgrown my time there and that is why I left, not because it wasn't a good place to be, but because I needed something different and new to continue to grow. 

Since being there, I have been reflecting on many things. One thing in particular is what do I want out of my fitness journey. That is not an easily answered question for me. I fight with myself still on a daily or weekly basis about whether or not I want to be a competitive bodybuilder. It's a struggle because I was good at it and there's no denying that and it gave me a sense of purpose with what I was doing in fitness.

Now, when I was at that gym, I thought about this because I had all my workouts for my shows there and it gave me a nostalgia feeling even though it's in the more recent past. 

I have to remember the reasons I decided what I decided and move on and progress forward. 

Today is a new day and I have accomplished what I set out to in that world and for me it's time to move onto accomplishing the next goal. I never wanted to become a pro level bodybuilder, however I admire the people that do and accomplish that goal. It's just not something I'm passionate about. I am passionate about being healthy and staying that way though.

Recently I have been mixing up my workouts and doing something I haven't done in years. Full body workouts. It's funny because I used to do them all the time, but I would not see great progress from them because my diet was in the toilet. Now that it's not, I'm seeing nothing but progress and I feel great because of changing up my routine. 

Now for me, full body may mean something different than it does to you or someone else. I work a muscle group to the point of failure with just a few exercises, I'm very good at that. I know how to push my limits. Instead of going extremely fast paced, I workout almost like I'm doing a split routine. Several exercise per muscle group, then maybe some cardio at the end if I'm not beat up too much. 

So changing up the way I've been working out has improved the way I feel all day long. Sometimes your body needs adjustments like this and since I've made the decision to not compete, I don't need to do bodybuilder specific workouts.

I'm progressing because I never stop, and I never stop because I love what I do. 

Today, I will continue on my journey and take it a few steps further each time. Always moving forward and never backwards. I will fight for my health and wellness because it's the only way to live for me now. 

Thank you and enjoy your day.

Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting

email for information on meal and exercise plans 

November 11. 2016

My Advice

Today I am throwing together some key points I have learned to help me with my journey and hope maybe some of these may help you guys in your health and lifestyle.

1.    Don’t over think it

You chose to do this for a reason. Furthermore you hired someone to assist your needs. For me personally it drives me crazy giving up that control to someone else. I trust my coach though that I get his full attention when it comes to the seriousness of my routine. Rely on your person. Sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong but use cause and effect. We do this to get this result and adjust if it’s not giving the desired product.

2.    Follow the plan

You have chosen your coach and formed a plan. You must follow the plan through IF you truly want to reach your goal. If you cheat, you might still be able to get some results but it has far worse repercussions on your mental state than anything else. Myself for example, this week I have been cheating. Not outright messing up but the small slips rattle me. I am not in prep, but I need to do what I am told. Which leads me to the next point.

3.    Take it serious

Give effort and you will see the results in time.

4.    Stay patient

I HATE THIS ONE! I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW! Things are can be agonizingly slow and I am not going to lie it makes me frustrated, but once I start see the results I push harder. Right now we just need to get this ball moving. Stepping on the scale and being the same weight week after week drives me insane or another week goes by and yep still look like a fluffy marshmallow. Sometimes I get so upset about it I am just like “come on let’s get going already!”

5.    Be kind

If you want to lose weight then do so and once you achieve your goal enjoy your victory and love your body. Being a small bikini competitor girl, 25lbs on me still hurts and I am trying to get over it, for some reason I cannot drop it. I fudged up, one day I will forgive myself until then I take my anger out on the weights.

6.    Be motivated

I said above I have made a few slips this week and that it wounds me emotional most of all. Well it also hurts my motivation. Who wants to diet if they aren’t seeing the results?! Ain’t no one got time for that. Now for my biggest key point…

7.    Never give up

No matter what! I want to scream and cry at the same time, I am so frustrated with where I am at right now but you know what… every time I find myself at this point (because I find myself on a breaking point a lot), the answer is the same EVERY single time. I would not be Cassie Ross if I gave up, it’s a part of me. So as much as I don’t want to do my check ins tomorrow or weight. I’m going to because it’s what I do.


Maybe today wasn’t the best day, or week, and tomorrow may seem bleak. There is always more to the story. That’s why I love being a top competitor. Without competing I wouldn’t see a future for myself. I may not know where I am going to live. What I am going to college for. If I ever get married. I do know I am a badass competitor that demands respect wherever I go, that is one thing in my life I am sure about.


Have a great weekend guys,

Peace out



November 9. 2016

It's Almost that Time!!!!!!

The holidays are right around the corner! What a great time to start a plan of improving you health and wellness! No, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm being serious. The holidays are the perfect time to test our will power and our desire to change.

This holiday season I will be doing just that. These last several months I have been pretty relaxed in the dieting department, I don't really like the word dieting, let's say clean eating. I do eat clean a lot of the times, but if I want some junk food, I've been eating it. I know this is not good for me, but for me, just like for you, it's easy to slip right down that rabbit hole. After all, I'm only human and I do have weaknesses. They come in the form of Reece's Peanut Butter cups. hah.

Really though, now is the time! Prepare yourself's for a battle and get ready to win that battle!! 

I'm not telling you to not enjoy your holidays, please by all means do so. Perhaps though instead of enjoying them through plate after plate of homemade food that we all love, try some restraint. Limit yourself. If you must eat something bad, or rather something that does not have any nutritional value (IE most holiday foods), make sure you do not over indulge. What does that mean? Stop eating when you're full is the easiest way in my opinion. Count the amount of times you chew your food and shoot for twenty one times before you swallow. That will allow your body ample time to process said food and let your stomach tell your brain that you are in fact full. 

Basically what I'm saying is just don't go nuts and I think you'll be fine. If you are smart though and start a fitness journey now, as opposed to after the holidays, it's possible to make those holiday foods work for you in boosting your metabolism. How awesome would that be?? I think it's great! I've done it for the past three years and it does work. 

If you have questions, ask. Don't be afraid. Just reach out. You can reach out to me or anyone in our company. You can reach out to others you know who are intelligent in the ways of nutrition and fitness or you can ask google. Just don't go in blind. 

Today is the perfect day to get going, so what is holding you back? I'm ready! Are you? 

I'm going to enjoy my holidays, but I will abstain for eating like there's no tomorrow and still have a good time. 

Thanks so much and enjoy your week!

Adam Hartley

Co-Owner/Coach Custom Fitness Consulting
November 4. 2016

The Pursuit Continues

Hey guys, welcome back! Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween and enjoyed some fall festivities. I went to Omaha last weekend to visit my mom and we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. I haven’t gone to one in years and was psyched to go, but it turns out that I guess I forgot the main thing for adults to do at these attractions was to drink and eat. All the attractions were for little kids, and I was going to cheat on my diet so that was a bust. I did get to catch up with my mom that I don’t get to see very often, I was just happy to be there.

If you guys read my blog last week you know I have been struggling. Let’s be frank though, when are we not! I shouldn’t even say struggle anymore, it’s not allowed. Day to day events and obstacles happen. I guess last week I just had more than I was used to and it bothered me. Anyway, I am past that now, so on to bigger and better.

I think Thursdays are usually one of my harder days. My calories are low and I am up by 5 if not before and don’t get home until 7 or 8. So it’s something to keep in mind when you are being moody or just dragging. My workout went better than last week but wasn’t what I would call a good workout, I just felt drained. I did finish lifting and did all my cardio so I already improved from last week! After I left the gym though I was walking through the grocery store looking at the sweets. It something I do, I miss them. I am already locked down into this routine and I won’t cheat but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming!

This time around I picked up on this routine so well. This time last year I was still sneaking bites of peanut butter and other stuff, no major cheating but some extra calories that I didn’t think about. So now, today, when I know I’m hungry and want to cave. I think about how awful I would feel after or the struggle right now I know helps me get to my goals. I won’t always be hungry, just have to wait until Sunday. On Sunday, it’s going down! Should I do 4 rolls of sushi or burger and sweet potato fries? I can never decide!

You know you have started feeling the diet pains when you start to crave the sweets or when you get a refeed and there is not one crumb left on your plate. Seriously when I am dieting I put away food like a dude! So, when you’re struggling, surround yourself with others that encourage you or that may be going through the same thing. Its rough right now because of the holidays and no one on our team is dieting like I am, but I know this will give me an edge for next year. Stay in your lane, don’t focus on what others are doing. I see my teammates enjoying themselves and going out, I’m not saying I can’t I make my own decisions, but I do envy them. I wish I had actually took the time and enjoyed myself and had some downtime and fun. There was fun but I was so over stressed that all I could feel was depressed until I said “I’VE HAD ENOUGH”!

That puts me where I am today. It may be lonely and a solemn road I chose but I will make my dreams a reality. Eventually I will have time to enjoy with friends again, until then, here is to my hunger pains for the next 7! We do what we have to do and we focus on ourselves when we want to achieve our goals.

Have a piece of cake or ice cream for me guys and let me know how it is,

Until next time


November 2. 2016

Holiday Eating

Two great holidays are around the corner for most of us out there. Thanksgiving and Christmas. They are great for numerous reasons to us, but a lot of it has to do with the food if we want to be honest with ourselves. Well and the presents. Everyone likes presents. Eating during the holidays can be an absolute nightmare if you're trying to eat healthy. In fact, it's down right impossible for some of us.

What we can do is limit the goodies we have during these times. Halloween just came and went and if you're like 90% of the parents out there, you were rubbing your hands together in anticipation of those sweets probably even more than your kids! Part of it is nostalgia, the other part is we just enjoy crappy food. It can taste better at times, so it makes sense. 

Before I get too far into my actual thoughts here I'd like to educate you a bit on why that food tastes better. After an extended period of time of eating foods that are not nutrient dense and compiled of chemicals you'd need a chemistry degree to even begin to understand, something happens to our pallet. Our pallet becomes dull and we literally lose the ability to taste things the way they are. I've yet to figure out exactly why and how this occurs, I have theories, but I'd like to stick with the facts. 

If you take some time, let's say about twenty one days (which is about how long it takes to form a habit by the way), you can detoxify or cleanse your pallet. The process will need to entail eating nutrient dense foods and lots of veggies. You will be astounded at the dramatic change that you will undertake by doing this. I went from not liking certain foods like spinach, asparagus, broccoli..etc, to absolutely loving them. Why? It was because I could actually taste them the way they were intended to be tasted.

I'd ask you to take a look at your tongue if you will. What color is it? Is it anything but a normal pink, with perhaps a very light shade of white on it? Well if it is, you most likely have a vitamin or mineral deficiency or sometimes even worse.

Now I didn't use to believe the whole tongue diagnoses thing until I experienced a change myself. My tongue was pretty coated in white at one point and I was told it would change through proper nutrition. Sure enough it did and not only did my tongue look better, but I felt better as well. Odd right? Plus as a result, I could taste things differently than I ever had before. Sugar didn't taste as good, but greens did for instance. My body had adjusted to wanting those nutrients and using them directly as fuel.

I don't want to dive too deep into the medical side of things like the tongue, but I wanted to use it as a brief example.

So back on point with the holidays coming.

If you eat healthy most of the time, let's say 80%, then you'll be fine partaking for a single day. It will set you back a tiny bit but it won't be detrimental. Now if you do not eat right most of the time, it will set you back and it will continue to set you back because you are not following a pattern of eating for health. So if you want to indulge, indulge, but if you're a healthy eater, and I don't just mean broccoli and chicken, although a lot of us have been there. You will most likely will find that the foods you craved aren't as great as you remembered. 

If you are at the beginning of your path toward health and wellness, try and weigh the risks versus benefits of eating these holiday foods. If you are just in a place where you are not going to be able to abstain from eating the junk food (if we are being honest most holiday food is junk), then try moderation. You can in fact eat healthy during these holidays and still have a bit of a relaxed day. It's all about making the best decision that you can with what you are offered.

If there is regular broccoli and fresh veggies, perhaps choose that instead of that broccoli rice and cheese that many of us enjoy. Or eat a smaller serving and still eat the regular veggies. The same applies to anything else that could be on that table. 

Now is the ultimate test for change though. We can find a reason to eat what we want during the holidays. It's just a day or it's once a year, but how many holidays do we have a year? A ton and if we use them all as an excuse to eat poorly, we will never be able to truly be healthy. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is not easy until you embrace it fully and allow yourself to change for the better for the sake of longevity of life. It has a purpose and that purpose is to make us stronger and better than we were before. 

So this holiday season, don't stress too much, but try your best to not over indulge. It's just not worth it. If you plan on eating "real food" (as I've heard many say), then plan out your week accordingly. Make that the only day you eat that kind of food. That way you are making the food work for you and in fact you could be increasing your metabolism by doing so. 

Try folks, that's all I'm getting at. Don't give up and stay strong. 

Thanks so much,

Adam Hartley

October 28. 2016

Sometimes We Fail

We seek out so many options in life. Searching for balance but then we seek pushing our boundaries. It is either this or that. One way or the other.

I have talked lately about my quest to finding balance, it is never ending. I personally believe our biggest fears/struggles will never disperse or vanish. Either the complication changes or we do. I have been just working on finding balance and being at peace with life. As an individual I feel whole again, but I still struggle feeling like an athlete. I let thoughts or words consume my mind which can hold me back from where I am working to be. Maybe, and most likely, because I think about it too much. Love can be crippling or it can be a powerful driving force. Each day is truly different and some days I question myself. Why even do this? There is never an answer but there is a feeling deep down. This is me. This is what I am. It doesn’t define me for who I am but what I am about.

Today I walked into the gym at 5 pm. I have already worked a 10-hour day being on my feet, my hips ached, and I was hungry. I was in the locker room about to go out to the weight floor, and I looked in the mirror and began crying. I shook it off and began my workout. It was not a hard workout at all but I felt drained, mainly mentally. As I was working out, I can just tell I am not into it today. I push harder and just keep getting more frustrated. The gym is packed and everyone is trying to get another machine. My temper is rising as I quickened the pace to try to finish my worst fear, a bad workout. I hurry on the floor, each step I take hurts. Yesterday’s leg workout left my hips feeling tight and painful, no stretching or foam rolling would help either.

 Finally, after 30 minutes I throw in the towel and head upstairs to do my cardio. Even though my leg is bothering me I think I could manage to do it. I climb on the stairs and begin. Immediately I am surrounded by people and I am feeling claustrophobic. Really in this big gym you guys have to pick the machine right next to me? In this large gym? I am upset from a poor workout and I don’t want to be around anyone. I stop after 1 minute on the stairs and just walk out the gym. I sit in my car very upset, a sucky workout and you skipped cardio! Who are you Cassandra? What are you doing?!

I head home and crawl in bed to let my nerves have a break. Today wasn’t a bad day, I am not stressed. I just didn’t have a good workout and it happens. The same with my hips hurting. Muscles get tight. Or days when I don’t believe in myself, it passes. Giving into our worries and truly get us nowhere, and I know that. So as much as today truly sucked, it is what is and there will be more sucky days and even better days! Take them in stride and don’t dwell on feelings too long.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little story today and might give you some insight into how you guys view things. Also, have a Happy Halloween!



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